1. Walk for Humanity 2023

Brussels to Frankfurt

Duration-12 Days

Distance covered-438 KM

2. Walk for Interfaith Harmony 2023

Paris to Brussels

Duration-07 Days

Distance covered-363 KM

3. Walk for Equality 2023

Atomium to EU Parliament

Duration-01 Day

Distance covered-19 KM

4. Walk for Kashmir Cause 2023

Manchester to London

Duration-07 Days

Distance covered-418 KM

5. Pak Japan Peace 2023

Hiroshima to Nagasaki

Duration-07 Days

Distance covered-449 KM

7. Peace-for-Mankind Walk 2020

Wellington to Christchurch

Duration-11 Days

Distance covered-476 KM

8. Tarveej-e-Arabic Walk 2019

G-9 to D Chowk

Duration-01 Day

Distance covered-14 KM

9. Clean Pakistan Walk-2018

21 different cities in Pakistan

Duration-33 Days

Distance covered-107 km

10. Hamara Pakistan Walk-2017

Khyber to Islamabad

22 October to 27 October

Duration-6 Days

Distance Covered-237 km

11. Smog Free Pakistan Walk-2017

Pindi Bhattian to Lahore

11 September to 14 September

Duration-4 Days

Distance Covered-127 km

12. Khushaal Pakistan-2016

Hujra Shah Muqeem to Had Punjnad

2 May to 14 May

Duration-14 Days

Distance Covered-361 km

13. Muhabat-e-Harmain Sharifian Walk-2015

 (Jeddah to Ar Riyadh in Saudi Arab)

Duration-13 Days

Distance Covered 1100km

14. Afwaj-e-Pakistan Zindabad Walk-2014

         (Parliament to G.H.Q)

      Duration-1 Day

      Distance Covered 27 km

15. Walk for Global Peace-2013

       (Karachi-Pakistan to Makkah-Saudi Arabia)

       Duration-117 Days

       Distance covered 6387 km

16. KPK Peace Walk-2012

       (DI Khan to Swat)

      Duration-17 Days

     Distance Covered-549 km

17. Longest Peace Walk-2011

     (Khyber to Karachi)

     Duration-72 Days

    Distance Covered 2287.6 km

18. Takmeel-e-Pakistan Walk-2009

         (Islamabad to Chakothi)

         Duration-9 Days

         Distance Covered-222 km

19. Istehkam-e-Pakistan Walk-2009

         (Lahore to Islamabad)

          Duration-14 Days

          Distance Covered-327 km

20. Pakistan Peace Walk-2007

            (Khyber to Karachi)

            Duration-85 Days

            Distance Covered-1999 km

21. Kashmir freedom walk 2019

Kashmir freedom walk
Muzaffarabad to Chakothi
29-30 November 2019