Mr.Kharlzada Kasrat Rai (KKR) was born in Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan.He has devoted his life for the cause of Peace, Education, Health and Cultural activies. He has achieved a wide spread fame for the sake of his Noble cause.He has conducted a number of walks with the Flag of Peace within and beyond the Boundaries of Pakistan.

  • Kasrat Rai is the only man in the world who walked for 16000 (approx.) kilometres for different issues and basic human rights. He is the man in this world who does specific walks for particular issues. He is the man who associated walk with a cause.
  • He is the only man in the world who walks with Pakistani flag in another country. He also has the honor of doing the biggest peace walk of the world.
  • He is the very first civilian person who put Pakistani flag on the line of control.
  • Kasrat Rai is the foremost Pakistani who revived a peaceful image of Pakistan in the world by walking on his feet through five Muslim countries.
  • He very first Pakistani who took pilgrimage from Karachi to Makkah tul Mukarramah afoot.
  • He is the pioneer from Pakistan in winning the world traveler festival.
  • No matter whatever the issue is, whether it is Kashmir cause or to raise a sound voice for FATA’s rights, or the fight for the rights of all other provinces, his efforts are admirable and unforgettable.
  • His literary works also have a great worth and his national song, sung by various artists namely including Shokat Ali, Arif Lohar & Asif Ali Santoo is a proof of his literary efforts as the song won the international award.
  • Kasrat Rai as an actor performed in drama serial Neela Asmaan (2004), on PTV & PTV World; in which he outlined various shortcomings of the society.
  • He is the proud son of Pakistan with the titles of Iron man, Flying man and has won various National and International awards.

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